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Recording artist, Music Producer, and Audio Engineer

Upcoming recording artist TylerMichael takes you into his world of music. Blending genres of pop, hiphop, and alternative. TylerMichael spent some tume in europe this picture takes you to his time in Paris, france.

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Welcome To The Official Website of TylerMichael

The home of the innovator of Alternative and melodic Hip-Hop music, TylerMichael showcases an eclectic mix of musical creations for you to listen to and enjoy. Taking inspiration from around the globe with music that reaches every corner of the music industry.

New Music, Every Two Weeks.

TylerMichael is trailblazing the music industry by posting new music more frequently than any of the mainstream artists today. He has set the precedent of posting new music on a bi-weekly basis. Tyler's consistency landed him as one of the top 5 most consistent underground musicians of 2023. TylerMichael has been innovating and crafting his music to pioneer and establish his genre known as Mid-Atlantic Emo coined by the vibe of his music and the location of his upbringing. His constant flow of music creation shows his work ethic and keeps his audience with fresh content at least twice a month.

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Short Bio


TylerMichael is an alternative hip-hop recording artist that currently based in Orlando, Florida. He writes all of his music, produces, and mixes & and masters it. Tyler is the pioneer of Mid-Atlantic Emo but, you may find that his music is often not stagnant to one genre. Tyler's large eclectic taste in music shows within his catalog as many of his songs seem to come from multiple genres. Tyler intends to push the boundaries of the concept of genres to make innovative-sounding music that is unique to his style, making him one of the best artists on the rise to watch.