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Who is TylerMichael?|Influence and Background

The Full Story

TylerMichael began his musical journey from his first point of consciousness around the age of 8. Tyler started writing songs with the melodies in his head some of which he still remembers to this day. He fell in love with the mainstream late 2000s/Early 2010s hip-hop and pop hits. Music was always a passion since his earliest point of consciousness.

At the beginning of his career​

TylerMichael wasn't always TylerMichael. He started music in a comedic way in 2017. He kept making music into his University years. Until then Tyler released a few albums under multiple alias' but was not content with the music or his stage names. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, TylerMichael learned a lot about himself as a musician. With the extra time on his hands, he used it to learn his DAW (Ableton), learn production, learn mixing, and create better songs. Tyler even wrote Faceless when his former artist project was still on streaming platforms in late 2020. He spent the next two years gaining new experiences, becoming self-sufficient (Both in music and life), learning production, writing songs, and exploring his voice. 

Present Day

TylerMichael, now age 24 comes from the Mid-Atlantic region after growing up and finding his love for music in Wilmington, Delaware. TylerMichael even acquired his undergraduate degree and is working on his Master's in entertainment business. At age 22 in the last semester of his college senior year, the stage name TylerMichael was born. That same year only six months later Tyler decided that it was time to relocate and take music seriously by moving to Orlando, FL and fully embracing the stage name TylerMichael. You can hear his influence from hip-hop, pop, emo, and even country. Tyler writes all of his music, mixes & masters, as well as produces tracks on his own. TylerMichael focuses on creating moving and heartfelt music to capture his experiences and make them relatable for the listener. Tyler is still finding his sound while exploring music production. He continues to advance as a musician by experimenting with music and experiencing new areas and aspects of life.

Upcoming Orlando Artist TylerMichael


Skills & Expertise

Music Professional

2017- Present

    • A songwriter with experience writing, producing, and engineering over 1,000 songs since 2017. I am also a producer, engineer, and artist. TylerMichael also has experience composing music and soundtracks for films, TV, and video games.


Risk Management · Audio Recording · Audio Editing · Ableton · Audio Mastering · Digital Marketing · Project Planning · Content Development · Video Editing · Adobe Photoshop · Design · Content Curation · Music Composition · Songwriting · Audio Engineering · Music · Music Production

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