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TylerMichael's Music Blog

TylerMichael began his musical journey from his first point of consciousness around the age of 8. Tyler started writing songs with the melodies in his head some of which he still remembers to this day. He fell in love with the mainstream late 2000s/Early 2010s hip-hop and pop hits. The most influential records from his youth include Eminem's - Recovery, Drake's - Take Care, and 808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West. His earliest memories consist to listening to these songs on his IPod nano that he got at the age of 7 in 2007 from his grandmother. His older cousin would steal music from limewire and put them on the Nano for him. He would freestyle song lyrics to the tracks as they'd play through the old Apple headphones. Music was always a passion of his along with comedy and making videos. During his youth Tyler also found a love for videography and making videos. Tyler found the site YouTube and would continue to use his passions for music and videography to make videos with his friends and by his lonesome. Many of his videos we're comedy related skits from improve. Many of which centered around music is some way, shape, or form. Tyler and one of his friends would constantly listen to Eminem and the maintream acts around that time. Always referenceing and rapping the songs that would come out.

The beginning of his career

TylerMichael wasn't always TylerMichael. He started music in a comedic way in 2017. Tyler was a gaming YouTuber through his early high school years and had a group that he would regularly play with. Upon this group was a soundcloud rapper that would make songs with completely different lyrics and attitudes to who the rapper really was. Tyler and his friends would joke about having dumb names if they ever made music by throwing lil infront of outlandish terms. One day Tyler decided to make a song by ripping some random beat of YouTube and writing rediculous lyrics over it. He already owned a decent microphone at the time due to YouTube so he made his first song. Showing just his gaming buddies whom he never actually met at the time, they thought it was funny kept asking for more. So he delivered. He kept making each song more outragous until he eventually showed his friends from school. Once they heard it, it spread across his school like wildfire. Everyone knew him for his music, they even played it at school functions. He enjoyed this for a while until high school was over. Tyler got sick of his name at the time and was yearning for a more serious approach to music. He tried a few songs in that direction, but ultimately kept the name. Later that year, in college Tyler changed his name. he kept this name for about a year and a half until Covid hit. Tyler released a few albums under this second alias, but again was not content with this new stage name. Through  the Covid-19 pandemic TylerMichael learned a lot about himself as a musician. With the extra time on his hands he used it to learn his DAW (Ableton), learn production, learn mixing, and create better songs. Tyler even wrote Faceless when the last name was still on platforms in 2020. He spent the next two years gaining new experiences, becoming self-sufficient (Both music and in life), learning production, writing songs, and exploring his voice. 

Present Day

 TylerMichael, now age 23 comes from the Mid-Atlantic region after growing up and finding his love for music in Wilmington, Delaware.TylerMichael even acquired his undergraduate degree and is working on his Master's in entertainment business.  At age 22  in his last semester of his college senior year the stage name TylerMichael was born. That same year only six months later Tyler decided that it was time to relocate and take music seriously by moving to Orlando, FL and fully embracing the stage name TylerMichael. You can hear his influence from hip-hop, pop, emo, and even country. You may find TylerMichael has stylings similar to Post Malone, Juice WRLD, Lil Peep, Noah Kahan, and Morgan Wallen. Tyler writes all of his music, mixes & masters, as well as produces tracks on his own. TylerMichael focuses on creating moving and heartfelt music in order to capture his experiences and make them relatable for the listener. Tyler is still finding his sound while exploring music production. He continues to advance as a musician by experimenting with music and experiencing new areas and aspects of life.

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