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How I Created My Emo Trap/Alternative Hip-Hop Song "Fault"

Description: A moody guitar-backed single with powerful lead vocals and widening effects. Fault is comprised of relatable confessional lyrcism focusing focusing on understanding what is around you and analysing it.

The production for this track was created at the end of the summer 2023. I made this from a loop I found on I used this loop to make the foundation. As always I did not leave it true to the original sound. I like to manipulate loops and use them more as a sample and make them my own. I changed the pitch until it really fit the vibe I was going for. I wanted this to be more upbeat and powerful than my usual stuff. I added the clap as soon as I finished tuning the melody and then created the hi-hat patterns. I wanted it ot feel very upbeat so I did a lot of complex formations. I like to mix the patterns through out to where at times they repeat, but also change up throughout the track to that it’s fresh. Lastly I added the low-end. I always put in the kicks first and later adjust the pattern in 808s. I follow the same philosophy as I do with the Hi-Hats.

Lyrics & Vocals
As I do for most of my music I mumble and freestyle over the song until I like how it sounds with the instrumental. I start by recording on my phone while I play it in ableton off of my laptop. I wanted a powerful feel to the lead and came up with the first half of the hook, “I been trying to do it right to a fault, feels like I been on this road to long. It feels like there’s no way to find myself, no way to tell”. I wanted to have lyrics that explain my frustrations that I have with music. I focus on the idea of putting in the time without seeing any payback. Once, I had a full idea I went out to record it. I had two versions written and chose to use only the one I felt confindent about which is the one you hear in the track.

Mixing & Mastering
So I really had no trouble mixing this! I have a solid template that I have on default for the vocal rack. It really only needs to be leveled and fine-tuned each time. I think that there only ended up being three versions of the master until I found it sounding the way I wanted. I also recorded my vocals in my car on my Macbook. Due to the summer heat here in Florida my AC works overtime! My PC is also right next to it. Due to that I just record in my car, the leather seats making for a really good space. I then have to export the stems one by one and upload it to my PC. Then we’re in business!

Hope you enjoyed this BTS look into Fault.
Stream now if you haven't already!

Thank you,


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