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How I Created My Emo Trap/Alternative Hip-Hop Song "Snowden"

Description: A moody guitar-backed single with spacious vocals. Snowden is comprised of relatable confessional lyrcism focusing on evolution of oneself throught the Covid-19 pandemic and as a young adult.

The production for this track was created in the summer of 2023. I made this from a loop I found on I used this loop to make the foundation. As always I did not leave it true to the original sound. I like to manipulate loops and use them more as a sample and make them my own. I changed the pitch until it really fit the vibe I was going for. I took inspiration from my favorite song in my catalog “Faceless”. I took the original melody and got the basenotes and ran it through a midi bass guitar. Using VST guitar Amps I tuned the sound of the bass to taste. I next added the clap and created the hi-hat patterns. I like to mix the patterns through out to where at times they repeat, but also change up throughout the track to that it’s fresh. I added some snare through out as additional percussion that adds some flavor. Lastly I added the low-end. I always put in the kicks first and later adjust the pattern in 808s. I follow the same philosophy as I do with the Hi-Hats.

Lyrics & Vocals
As I do for most of my music I mumble and freestyle over the song until I like how it sounds with the instrumental. The first line I came up with was “I ain’t been the same since covid, since covid”. Once I found that portion of the hook I built around it. I remember I was actually freestyling over the beat on my way to class. I kept repeating a version of the hook until I got to the parking lot of my college. Once I got there I immediately took out my phone and went to the voice recording app and laid down the reference. I would go home and write the rest later that night. While writing I wanted to focus on my growth as an individual and explain my experience of learning who in your life is good for you, and who is not. NEWS FLASH! Most people are not, if you havn’t experienced this yet… it’s coming.

Mixing & Mastering
So I really had no trouble mixing this! I have a solid template that I have on default for the vocal rack. It really only needs to be leveled and fine-tuned each time. I think that there only ended up being two versions of the master until I found it sounding the way I wanted. I also recorded my vocals in my car on my Macbook. Due to the summer heat here in Florida my AC works overtime! My PC is also right next to it. Due to that I just record in my car, the leather seats making for a really good space. I then have to export the stems one by one and upload it to my PC. Then we’re in business! I don’t have all my plug-ins on my macbook, but I should really get on that.

Hope you enjoyed this BTS look into Snowden.
Stream now if you haven't already!

Thank you,

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