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How I Created My Orchestral Hip-Hop Hype Song "Certainty"

Description: A lush orchestral-based beat with drums hard enough to cut right through a diamond! The vocals are smooth and still fun, but give the usual tone of this particular sound a fresh flavor. Certainty is the product of when a singer accidentally makes a hard beat.

The production of this track was created in the spring of 2022. I made this from a loop I found on I used this loop to make the foundation but, I did not leave it true to the original sound. I retuned it to be a deeper-sounding sample than the original. I also added duplicates that were both octaves lower and higher. I then added some violin and synthetic sounds to bring it all together. Giving an orchestral feel. I hear industry baby by Lil Nas X and also HOT by Young Thug, Gunna, and Travis Scott. At least that is one of the versions. And the beat wouldn't be finished without some drums. The Hi-Hat pattern I chose was simple. With all the intensity filling this track I felt it had to be. The drums... Spinz. Spinz. Spinz. The best 808 ever conceived. Mixed with a subtle but hard-hitting kick the combination hit home. Unlike most of my songs, they start EARLY. So they could set the tone for the song. I then duplicated the 8-bar loops. Added some subtle changes to the verse, added a dreamless bridge, and Voila! We got beat. That I would sit on for.... over a year...

Lyrics & Vocals
So I have a problem where I make beats for a rapper, but I sing. So I make these beats that I love that will probably never see the light of day... (ps. If you need hard beats I have albums full lol). I have been eyeing this beat since I made it in my college town in Pennsylvania. Now I live in Florida and have shown it to some musicians and producers and thought. Screw it. I'm using it. At 2 am like most of my other songs, I wrote the lyrics. For a while, I have been just freestyling lyrics and music. But, since moving to Florida I have gotten back into the groove of writing the whole song before recording. It sped up my process of recording the vocals. The melody process is the same as it always was where I kind of freestyle and mumble. Sort of the same style you can see Post Malone and his crew used to make their vocal melodies. Except I try to get basic lyrics down instead of only mumbling. I should probably do what he does though. All those hits and I have none. lol. Anyways, I wanted to have fun with this one. I wanted to make this sort of like a flexing song, talking trash, and not giving an F what anybody thinks. But, with my twist. So smooth singing with the light and airy vocals. I say something about stacking chicken, which I think is slang for something of monetary value. lol. I tried. So that was my thought process for that.

Mixing & Mastering
About a month after recording it was time to fix up the mix and the master. In June (2023), I decided to try to make 40 songs this month. I got to like 32 and I liked only like 6 of them. This was one of them. Not for everyone. But, I like it and think it's a good change of pace from my current discography. The original mix saw the arrangement a bit too loud on the lead in all portions but the bridge and second verse. I fixed the main lead in the 3rd version. The bridge was along with that. That second verse though was pretty tricky. I messed with those levels for 3 more versions. I had to do a variety of tests to figure out if I liked it. IT TOOK 6 VERSIONS. And that's only exports. Which isn't bad, but I was also mixing two other songs lol. As for the effects I love the delay I found with Lonely. The weird delay that pans adds so much depth and I haven't heard anyone but I use it... I think I found my trademark ladies and Gents! maybe not, but I've used it in all my songs recently, and those songs coming soon! Also, the reverb I use is so large and adds a ton of atmosphere, but because of the return, it doesn't mess with the lead. I've spent the past 6 months focusing on production and mixing. I'm proud of the progress.

Hope you enjoyed this BTS look into Certainty.
Stream now if you haven't already!

Thank you,

TylerMichael - Certainty

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