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How I Made My Emo-Pop Single "Lonely" by TylerMichael

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The ins and outs of song writing and production processes.

Production process

Well, I started this production by taking a guitar loop from The loop sounded a bit off from the tone I would have liked for a song so I messed with it. The loop was a tad too high so I transposed it down a few semitones. Once I found a sound that I liked I took the new loop and found the key for it. After that, I made the structure. Intro-hook-verse-hook-verse-hook. Fairly simple. I played simple drums for the hook and did some weird things with the kick in the verse. Just to add a bit of flavor. Then I sauced up the hi-hats to bring a more nice sound feel for the ear.

Song Writing

the songwriting process began as I usually do. Before the beat was made once I had a tone that I liked I freestyle over it. I knew I liked the hook. I began with the two first lines I had for the hook and expanded on that. I followed the melody feel of AAAB. two times over. Then for the verse, I played off of the hook to start it and tried to add some creative vocals. I followed a more miscellaneous approach to the second verse. Finally, I freestyle the intro

Vocal Mix & Processing
I felt like I had to switch up my effects and rack for my vocals. I re-created my whole vocal rack from start to finish using effects and plug-ins that I hadn't used before. Mainly from collective, native instruments, and izotope. I was having trouble with background noise from my AC and the shower when my girlfriend was in it. So I would wait to record when it was off. Which is rare because of the Florida heat lol. I made sure my send/returns were a lil more out there. I spoke with Leslie Brathwaite and Tremaine Williams about my song Faceless and they told me to add more posts. Which I did. using a larger reverb from collective the preset being Stadium and a different sounding delay. I think I like how it sounded!

Thanks for reading!

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