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How I Made My Singer-Songwriter Song "Existence"

Existence is a departure from TylerMichael’s typical music. Usually accompanied by bombastic percussion and modern production, TylerMichael attacks existence like a true singer-songwriter track. Tyler used his falsetto to create a love-focused hook. The verse is performed in his head voice following the same theme of confessional love-related lyrics. I sat on this song for years as it was different than most things coming out at the time until recently. The rise of Noah Kahan was a key component of my drive to revisit this song and complete it.
First conception
This song dates back to 2021 when I found this loop within a royalty-free loop kit from producer Paul Fix. I freestyled the hook here and it is the original recording from the free styling session. I left it with just the hook as it was for 2 years. I had tried to come back and find ideas for the verse but I couldn't find anything I felt did the hook justice.
I revisited the song in my songwriting marathon month in June of 2023. As I stated in the description the rise of folk and singer-songwriter music to the mainstream led me back to finish this song. I went through multiple versions of the verse until finally came to the product you hear on the song now. I wrote this one at 2 am in the middle of the month. I thought using two different styles with my voice would create contrast as I used elements of airiness as you hear in many folk/singer-songwriter songs to finish the verse.
Production, Mixing, and Mastering
I went through multiple slow songs to come up with ideas for the production of this. I tried to add drums similar to Jocelyn Flores by XXXTentacion. I messed up the BPM and song structure with the original Ableton File so drums didn't fit with the melody or the slap of the guitar. I know that there was a way to fix it, but I also was thinking of making it a singer-songwriter/folk song as it is now. As for the production, I added a midi guitar to the main melody as the hook comes in. I also added some synths to the verse to add some difference to the over feel and melody. Once I created a product that I liked I decided to level the project. Without percussion, the leveling was completely foreign to me. My usual mix volume for the vocals was way too loud. I was also having trouble finding the sweet spot where all the vocals sound the same loudness. I revised the vocal mix six times before finding the mix that I liked. After it passed all my tests. In the studio headphones, my Beats, my car, my M1, and through the phone. It was ready to go!
If you would like to stream Existence it will be in the soundcloud player below!
I will also link the other streaming platforms.
Thank you for reading!

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