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How I Wrote My R&B Folk Single "Over"

Description: Over is an Alt-R&B, Alt-Pop, and Folk vocal Fusion of a song that focuses on elements of love and the heartbreak that would be associated with losing the person that you cannot live without.
The creation of Over was during my Make a Song Everyday month in June of 2023. I started by messing with a piano sample. I decided that I wanted it to sound deeper so I detuned the sample and tweaked the BPM. I started by free-styling my singing over the melody that I had created. The only addition to the beat, while I was free-styling, was a clap to help me keep on cadence. I put myself in the frame of mind as if I were breaking up with my girlfriend. Like many of my songs, I put myself in a method-acting mindset to take my songwriting to the next level. As can be heard within the lyrics and performance of this track, there is some Folk influence due to my rotation at the time. I believe I wrote this around the time that Noah Khan released his Stick Season Deluxe. I was heavily listening to this record and it influenced a few of my creations in June. Over being one of them as you can hear in the vocals mainly in the beginning where I say "Hurt me".

Finishing the Production
When it came to finding the percussion I was at a crossroads. I originally was aiming to make Over a singer-songwriter track with little to no drums present in the production. I eventually looked into some of my favorite slower albums like Noah's older alt-pop tracks and XXXTentacions ? and 17 albums. I eventually played with some rim shots to where I made the melody of the track that repeats throughout. I used kicks to emphasize the feel and the rest was the simple run-of-the-mill standard drum fills used in hip-hop, but slowed to give more of an R&B feel.
Mixing & Mastering
The production of the instrumentation was not too hard as I mixed those things in as I was creating everything. The vocals on the other hand kept giving me trouble. I ended up mixing the vocals lower than I normally do for my tracks with trap production. I had messed around with plenty of volumes and mixes for this kind of track, but with no reference to what I envisioned, I had to take it with a grain of salt. Knowing that R&B Folk is unheard of I messed around until it sounded right within the car mix. For the reverb, I slapped it with some heavy reverb like lesser-known music in the folk/alt-pop genre. Using sends & Returns I made sure that the lead vocal wasn't too hidden within it. I also added my trademarked delay to give it a modern processed feel.

Check out "Over" now!
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