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Independent Gems💎: Shedding Light on Ashes Armada's Hard Rock Anthem "Perspective" (Music News)

Ashes Armada Rising Light Falling Night
The lead guitarist of Southern Iowa's Ashes Armada known as Trevor Fitzpatrick put me on to this 21st century hard rock anthem. Ashes Armada's song "Perspective" was released to streaming services in 2020 (at least that's what my Apple Music says). Trevor starts off the track with some incredible guitar work that really hooks in the listener. The subtle percussion and guitar work in the intro work masterfully in tandem to create a full intro that creates an entrance for the vocals. Seth Bell (Vocalist) absolutely smashes this performance backed by the incredible performance of the whole band. Seth delivers raw emotion that is captivating for the listener with a catchy yet impactful hook that is delivered with powerful backing vocals throughout the song. Running at almost six minutes "Perspective" flys by with the crisp mix and astounding work from the band. The percussion fills the space to perfection and complements the guitar during all portions of this track. "Perspective" is a must listen for all rock heads looking for good music. This song will be sitting at a priority position in the Independent Gems Spotify Playlist.

I wanted to know more about Southern Iowa's Ashes Armada so I went directly to the source.

Ashes Armada Bio
As written by the bands lead guitarist Trevor Fitzpatrick, "Ashes Armada is a hard rock band from Southern Iowa. Formed in summer 2013, the Armada drew on a wide variety of subgenres to burst onto the rock scene, including aspects of metalcore, grunge, and nu metal with old-school, in-your-face rock ‘n roll. The band released three EPs in the 2010s that received critical acclaim. Burn (2014), Break These Chains (2015), and Rising Light Falling Night (2017) were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Curtis Morgan at Cm Sound Studio. At the height of their powers, Ashes Armada’s lineup featured Seth Bell on vocals, Ryan Craig on rhythm guitar, Trevor Fitzpatrick on lead guitar, and brothers Jake Bates on bass and Zach Bates on drums. The band performed at some of the most notable venues in Iowa, offering direct support for national acts including Adelitas Way, Saving Abel, and Saliva.
In 2015, the band played at RockFest in Kansas City, the largest single-day music festival in the United States. As life went on, the band struggled to stay active after going through various lineup changes in the role of rhythm guitar. The band played their final show as a four-piece in November of 2018. In September 2019, the band’s drummer and founding member, Zach Bates, died by suicide. To this day, Zach remains dearly missed by his fellow bandmates and all who had the chance to experience his kind heart and unique sense of humor.
Now, over five years after their last show, Ashes Armada is coming together one more time to make music that dives deep into the thoughts and emotions they experienced from losing Zach. Producer Curtis Morgan will fill in on drums in the Armada’s final album alongside Jake Bates, Seth Bell, Trevor Fitzpatrick, and Colton Jungjohan as the group aims to spread the sense of peace they are finding as time moves forward. All money the band earns through merch and music streaming from the new album will be used to fund the Zachary Bates Memorial Music Scholarship, which assists aspiring musicians in their pursuit of a career in the music field. “The Ashes of our pasts may shape parts of who we are, but they do not define us. Instead, we forge our own futures & allow our lives to set sail by seizing the day (2024).”

Written by TylerMichael

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