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Independent Gems💎: Green Stone's Spacey Rock Jam "The Pit"

Green Stones "The Pit"

Green Stone brings us a very spacey sounding rock jam. “The Pit” was dropped in 2024 by Green Stone and is a cool listen.  The intergalactic sounding instrumental that is both unique while also still paying homage to rock music. When speaking of the percussion on this record is well produced and keeps the tempo going. The vocals are melancholic and easy to hear in the mix. With lyrics that are catchy and help describe the thought process of Green Stone and his story development they are concocted well. “The Pit” is a track that not only resonates with rock enjoyers, but any enjoyer of music with its broad appeal.

I wanted to know more about Green Stone, here is what he explained to me.

Green Stone's Bio

Green Stone's real name is Alejandro. Alejandro is a musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Honduras. His passion for music has been shown since he was a child as a hobby. Nowadays he has been delivering songs that are blending different genres. He has been releasing music as Green Stone since 2021. His songwriting topics rely most on different issues about the daily struggles of being a human being and the problems around the world.

Overall, "The Pit" is a very cool track and a must listen for independent Gem enthusiasts. You can find it on the Independent Gem Playlist.

Written by TylerMichael

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