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Independent Gems💎: Stop Motion Dinosaurs' Release Soft Rock Smash "It's Only Love"

Stop motion Dinosaurs Collected Works Volume 1

Stop Motion Dinosaurs bring us a very catchy soft rock record “It’s Only Love”. Strung together by two very talented musicians, the first thing that catches my ear is the hook and the harmonies created by Chris (everything but drums) Meservey. From the vocals, percussion, instrumentation, and songwriting I found this track very well created and enjoyable from start to finish. The songwriting was superb as it builds the image in your mind using clever word play and descriptive word choice. James Sewell on the drums set a phenomenal tempo for Chris to do his thing. James' performance on the kit was top notch in this one. The hook is catchy and will stay in the listeners brain for days. The bar where Chris says “I never hurt the one, I’m dreaming of”. Is my personal favorite line from this track. This track is easily accessible by enjoyers of all genres. The Pennsylvanian duo delivers a song that should be on everyones playlist. I think this track would be perfect for fans of the Beatles and similar music in the soft rock genre. With the theme of love being something we can all relate to it's impossible to go wrong with this song. I am actually adding this to my daily playlist on. This song is a vibe.


I wanted to know more about the duo. here's what I found.

Stop Motion Dinosaurs Bio

“We’re two guys who record music together sometimes. We’re not really stop motion, but we are really dinosaurs”.

Chris Meservey - (everything but drums) ​ Singer/songwriter Chris Meservey has been writing and recording music since he was old enough to press record on a tape recorder. He has led several different bands. Chris has also recorded music in a variety of genres, from punk, pop, and even some acoustic folk. He has retired from playing live shows and now focuses on recording music to entertain a few people on the internet.

James Sewell - (drums)​ As a skilled percussionist, James Sewell is sought after by many bands and artists to perform and record drums and electronic beats for almost every conceivable genre of music. James is a skilled teacher of percussion to the youth in his area. Occasionally, he gets together with Chris at his home in the Philadelphia suburbs and plays drums on his songs.



You can hear this track on the Independent Gems Playlist or down below!

Written by TylerMichael

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