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Independent Gems💎: White Wine by Quis - "Solidifies His Place As R&B's Future" (R&B NEWS)

Quis White Wine

Quis dropped his song White Wine in 2023. White Wine begins with a very enjoyable guitar melody. A few second later we are met with hard kicks and slow production. The production is simple but very enjoyable and straight to the point. The lyrics are well crafted and allow the listener to very easily personify the dialogue. Quis comes in with his smooth vocals that are reminiscent with R&B sound, but with his own twang. He floats across the production with a very impressive vocal performance. His performance in the lead vocal is top notch and emulates his raw talent as a vocalist. Quis uniquely uses the backing tracks fill up the track without the need for over the top production. His backing vocals serve better than another instrument, I found the stylings of his vocals towards the end of the track to be well done and very enjoyable. White Wine is an underground R&B masterpiece that deserves to be in the spotlight. This track solidifies his place as one of the rising stars that will become R&B's future names.

I wanted to know more about Quis. Here is what he told me.

Quis's Bio

He is a native of Houston, Texas. Quis has a passion for both music and fashion. Quis values his abilities as a songwriter and as a vocalist. Quis is dedicated to the foundation of R&B and keeping the genre evolving. Quis finds power in his lyrics, work ethic, genius, and aspirations in order to manifest his dreams into reality. Quis's mission as an artist is to keep R&B alive with his authentic and unique writing and vocals. Quis finds himself raising the bar and setting the NEW standard of music.

You can find White Wine on the Independent Gems playlist or down below.

Written by TylerMichael

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