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Independent Gems💎: Tango Golf Tango's "Holy Dazed." is EARCANDY For The Listener (Music News)

Independent Gems💎: Tongo Golf Tongo's "Holy Dazed." is EARCANDY For The Listener (Music News)
Tango Golf Tango's (TGT) single Holy Dazed. (Radio Edit) had me hooked from the start. This track brings elements from multiple genres that leaves the listener grooving the entire duration of the track.

Beginning with the production of the track, the low end and synthetic vocal sounds are the first thing the listener hears and they draw you in from the start. The melody of the synth is fresh yet brings the pop aesthetic of a hit record along with a droning synthetic flute that is just a vibe. As the song begins to develop the melody evolves and transports the listener to a groovy state with guitar and bouncy percussion to keep the tempo. The song evolves, devolved, and plays with all the included sounds in such a fantastic way. Additional sound effects are added to the drops and in the background of the track to add drama and highlights specific portions of this track that really brings it together. The instrument, percussion, and overall production of this track is a masterclass and shows to be a real classic by TGT.

TGT highlights their ability to craft timeless records by showing the versatility and expertise of each member of the band. The perfect mix of female and male vocals prove to be the Yin & Yang of the perfect vocal concoction. All of the vocals felt smooth and well crafted as they danced across the dreamy instrumental. My favorite portion of the track was the "I should be a loner. End up like Tom Sawyer. Anyway, it's over and there's no one left". The flow of this section, specifically these three lines were really strung together well.

Overall: Holy Dazed. proves to be an astounding indie track. With all elements you'd want to see in a hit record Tango Golf Tango DELIVERS with this one. Have a listen for yourself. What do you think? Let me know!

Written by TylerMichael

@attylermichael on IG/X/Tiktok


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