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The making of my song Alt-Pop "Euphoria" by TylerMichael

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Euphoria's original idea comes from the winter/spring of 2020-2021. I got the guitar/harp sample from Looperman and immediately found the first 1/3 of the hook. Orlando Artist TylerMichael was then based in Maryland during this song's original conception.

2021: With the creation of the hook and foundation of the beat with the guitar/harp I continued to work with the creation of flows for the verse, hook, and bridge. I envisioned the verse as more hip-hop and hard-hitting as it comes in. I freestyled that first bit of the verse and it appears as if the only change is "Trust no one, cause no one is real enough". was originally "Got no friends 'cause no one is real enough". I ran that version through other people and they saw it as goofy so I went back to the drawing board. I liked the feel of the flow so I ripped out that bit and put in the new words. If you pay a close ear you can tell because It was recorded either late 2021 or early 2022 for that trust no one bit. I then had a bridge where I repeatedly sang euphoria but it was too much and didn't sound to my liking. So I would later change that. I also finished the 2/3 of the verse but it was HORRIBLE so I deleted that. I then focused on the beat and backing vocals to make it feel spacious. I wanted it to be different and feel more euphoric and kind of trippy/groovy. This means HEAVY reverb on the backing vocals. I went VERY high falsetto for one of the backing vocals. I also went normal tone less intense for the other. I next had Ableton rip the melody from the sample. I used Kontakt to find a metallic bell sound to add to that euphoric feel. Nice! now we were getting somewhere. Next, I didn't want to use 808s for anything but the verse so I used a synth bass. I pitched it high to tune it and made a melody. I liked it. So I left It lol. So I kept it. Copied it and pitched the bass down so now we have even more layers! what's better than that???? MORE! I made another bass melody pretty much the same with an organ and a piano. This can be heard throughout. Very simple starts within the first 7 seconds. I didn't want to ruin what I had. I kept going back to the drawing board over and over again. Periodically probably more than a year. In 2022 I finally had a breakthrough.

2022: I finally found a second part of the hook. The second third of the hook was finally in place. I liked it. Wow felt great... But again. Bad ideas killed the song and I moved on.

2023: 40 songs a month. I felt refreshed in my mind and able to write. So I scrapped the trash and wrote more. One late June morning at like 2 am It came to me. All of the lyrics. the flows. I did it! Finally! But the mix. So off. 3 or 4 different years in one project. Different equipment and new plug-ins. I spent HOURS trying to find the perfect rack. Once I did it finally started to sound how I wanted it to. BUT THE LEVELS NOOOOOO THEY ARE ALL OFF. I spent the entire day of June 30th making mix and master after mix and master. Trying my studio monitors, trying the phone, trying my Beats, and trying my car. over and over again I just kept chipping away. One second this part was too high, the next it was too low. I messed around with compressors and de-noises because my apartment AC is so loud. But, I finally found it! Once I could no longer bear it I just scheduled it for release. Hundreds of versions later. I needed to be done. Closure.

And that's how we got here!
Let me know what you think!
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TylerMichael - Euphoria

Orlando Melodic Hip-Hop Artist's Euphoria Cover Art


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